Monday, May 7, 2012

One of the Greatest Stories Never Told

So, this is one of the "alternate" storylines that happened with Tom's campaign. The reason I say "alternate" is because after playing in it for a while, the party (and the DM) decided that it was sort of a bad start and we wanted a "re-do" if you will. So now this entire story shall be forever archived as "one of the greatest stories never told".

What happens here is that some of our players wanted to change or modify their characters (ever since Steve went from a Half-Orc to a Minotaur). It was still early in the campaign so we were cool with it. Plus, Dave was able to help us pick better weapons and abilities. All the events that occur however were wiped from our memories and it has been left to speculation as to what actually occured in the timeline. Alternate dimension? The Twilight Zone? Nobody truly knows...

So anyway, here's what happened (as best as I can recall):

Alex became a VoidSoul Genasi named Quintis Fabius.

Delgryn the Drow (Tom), Valcrith Fletcher the Half-Elf (Myself), and Igneel the Dragonborne (Matt) remained the same characters as before.

Steve changed from a Half-Orc into a Minotaur named Paalk in the last campaign. Thus far, he has remained as such, but as of recently he wants to be a human that can turn into a Titan by the use of magic or meeting certain conditions...we're strongly discouraging that notion. (There are a LOT of balancing issues with that idea...)

Jeff's character was to be properly introduced into the campaign. He chose to be a Warforged named Cog. (Upon reading what a Warforged was, my jaw hit the floor. He's basically Iron Man without Tony Stark. Just Jarvis. FREAKIN' AWESOME.)

I think this is where our friend Deven came into the D&D sessions, but I'm not quite certain. He used his own pre-made character (a Halfling ranger I think) and his loyal pet "Wolfy".

So after Valcrith Fletcher's most humiliating and irresponsible fumble, the group is permitted to wander about this town we are in for a little while. I decide to hang with Igneel and get totally wasted at the local bar/tavern (because I brought shame upon myself, Bahamut and my compatriots). I try to get a bit more backstory out of Matt as to how his character and mine met (maybe having a nostalgic moment by creating one on the spot since we've just been playing it all by ear at this point...), but to no avail. I felt like I nearly bought the whole place out in alcohol before I'm FINALLY drunk and I take Igneel with me and we go to the local church to pray to Bahamut for forgiveness and a time travelling power so I could go back in time & stop the petty theft before it happened. Unfortunately, my prayers fall on deaf ears (I did a roll, but it failed). Just my luck...

Meanwhile, across town Quintis Fabius meets with Dave and Deven's characters and they do some browsing at the market. In the meantime, Delgryn is at the scholar's home reading up on a book of the Shadowfell he gained in the first campaign. (Sorry, I forgot to mention that. It's been a while and I'm trying to remember, but it's all "fuzzy"). Quintis Fabius finishes his browsing and later comes to the church where we're located.

It's about time we head back to the Scholar and Delgryn but...

At that point, I flatly refuse to leave until my prayers are answered. In which case, Quintis Fabius and Deven (I think...) promptly pick me up, and drag my drunken ass out of there for my own good.

We return to the scholar's house and his daughter activates Cog. He's lost his memory too apparently. We welcome him to the crew. Then we get some sort of request and leave town. On the way there we bump into some Kobalds passing by. Paalk wanted to recruit them for his workshop. Ironically, I don't think he could speak Draconic so Igneel had to translate for him. That was amusing, in and of itself, because even he was questioning Paalk's motives. Interestingly enough, Paalk is a merchant trying to earn money to pay off the ransom money he owes a Goblin gang for the safe return of his father. (I sort of helped Steve out with his backstory.)

I then decide to talk to/interrogate them myself (in Draconic) and find out they've just recently gotten a haul of stolen vegetables. Not wanting Paalk to get Kobald slaves (because I know full well that Steve would just use them as pack mules to carry Paalk's stuff.), yet also wanting to redeem myself for past mistakes, I then proceed to roll initiative. Everyone, including the DM was surprised, but battle commenced nonetheless. I practically slaughtered them all. This single act sparks controversy amongst the group as it seems I've mercilessly killed off these Kobolds against my alignment, to which I calmly and casually justify my actions by claiming that they had stolen from hardworking people and needed to be severely punished. Jeff to this day won't let me live that down. HA HA HA...I then proceed to confiscate their vegetables.

We ended up at a thieves guild (WORST PLACE EVER FOR A PALADIN) but we aren't actually aware that it is a thieve's guild. We get some sort of task from the head of this place, our party leaves immediately (much to the dismay of the DM, because he made the guild elaborate and really story driven I guess), and we arrive in the next town where our client said this young boy we were looking for had last been seen. For some odd reason, Paalk decides at that point that he wants a horse and will stop at nothing to get one. So, he splits from the party, sends a carrier pigeon to another town, travels there, and ends up coming back with a horse. All the while, we're looking for something/someone. There was magic chalk involved here somewhere too and I had suggested that we use to to let Paalk know where we were headed (since it was going to take him a few days time to get back), but apparently it was constructed by Jeff in such a way that whatever was written/drawn was only visible by the person who drew it, which left us to rely on a local villager to point him in the right direction. (Paalk did manage to catch up to us.)

We ended up near a waterfall (the top of it) and I fed the horse some celery to keep it happy (cause the poor beast had replaced the Kobalds as chattel). Then we stopped playing the campaign because it wasn't as good as it was supposed to be and we all decided that NONE OF IT EVER HAPPENED.


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